Benefits of allotment gardening

Allotment-VegetablesA recent survey of allotment members identified common reasons why they loved their allotments included benefiting from the fresh air, home grown produce to rival that from any supermarket as their produce is fresher and tastes better, and the healthy and social lifestyle the activity offers.

It is feasible to produce enough home grown food to supply a whole family with fresh fruit and vegetables all year round when you work an allotment according to good planting practice and consistent effort.

Allotments also have a secret life of their own, they provide an essential habitat for wildlife, improve biodiversity levels and of course provide a much needed social opportunity which unfortunately can be missing in urban areas nowadays.

In addition to that, there are definite health benefits including providing vitamin D levels which can help your body to ward off some illnesses and raise serotonin levels, and benefits from physical activity. Care must be taken however to moderate sun exposure.