Creation of Allotment’s Community Orchard and Bio-diversity Garden Project

Funding has been granted by the Peoples Postcode Lottery, Postcode Local Trust to make it possible for us to create a Community Orchard and Bio-diversity Garden in a stalled space within the Allotments. Work on the project is underway and it is hoped that the work will be completed in time for our Open Day on 8th September 2018. We are grateful for the support that the Postcode Lottery Trust has given to us to make this project happen.

Installation of Composting Toilet Facility

Funding has been granted  through SWEAT (South West Environmental Action Trust) (Dumfries) which is administered by Armstrong Waste Management in Dumfries as part of the Scottish Landfill Communities Fund for our project to install a composting toilet within the Allotments for members and visitors to the Allotments.  The order has now been placed with Eco-loos for this and it is hoped to have this in place within the next 6 weeks.

I  am sure everyone would like to join me in thanking SWEAT for support in funding our project.

Road Upgrade Works Completed

The upgrade to the access road was completed after the remedial works were carried out on Thursday, 9th February. No doubt the new surface will be appreciated by everyone.  A thank you goes to the Flightpath Fund, Renfrewshire Local Area Committee for grant funding, for the hard work of the members at our first Open Day last year, and finally but not least for the members who dug deep into their own pockets in order that we were able to have the work carried out.  I am sure wheelchair users and visitors will appreciate the smooth surface.